HTTPS (SSL) - Let's Encrypt AutoSSL certificates showing error: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID


We are currently facing an issue in which domains that use an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt are showing the server's hostname as the common name, instead of the actual domain name that is on the certificate. This is causing browser errors and email client errors.



This is related to the recent expiration of the DST Root CA X3 Cert from Let's Encrypt. We believe this to be causing issues with the SNI configuration.

We've opened an internal case for our development team to investigate this further. For reference, the case number is UPS-403 (internal case CPANEL-38820). Follow this article to receive an email notification when a solution is published in the product. 


Our development team has published an autofixer for this issue that can run manually using the following command:

/scripts/autorepair update_lets_encrypt_cabundles2

This command will also run automatically during the servers next /scripts/upcp cronjob

Saturday, October 2, 2021

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